T-Shirt (And Jacket) Sizing

Vintage T-Shirt sizes can vary wildly, considering how different the clothing world used too be to now. The size listed on the tag sometimes isn't 100% accurate to the size of the actual garment. Because of this, we have provided measurements on most products to better represent the size of the garment. The way we format the measurements is simple, the width measurements (often referred to as the chest or pit to pit measurements) come first. The length of the garment follows.

For example: 24" X 31" refers to a garment with a chest length of 24", and a length of 31".

If you're curious how these measurements translate to the traditional "Small, Medium, Large" sizes, here's a chart providing modern-day equivalents. 

Size Chart

Jersey Sizing

Jersey sizing can be difficult, we understand! Check out this basic jersey sizing guide to simplify your shopping experience at Throwbacks Northwest.

Some things to keep in mind before we get started:

Think about how you want your jersey to fit (Baggy, Loose, Tight, Ect.)

All jerseys fit differently. Several different brands make jerseys and they all fit a little different!

Authentic jerseys fit differently than replica jerseys, the same goes with different sports.

Your clothing size may not always match up with your jersey size (Sometimes you may size up, sometimes you may size down, don’t be afraid!)

Older jerseys often run smaller than newer jerseys (People grow, so do jerseys keep this in mind when purchasing!)

Historically the number to jersey size breakdown is:

Size 36 = Men’s Small

Size 40 = Men’s Medium

Size 44 = Men’s Large

Size 48 = Men’s Extra Large

Size 52 = Men’s XX-Large

Size 54-56 = Men’s XXX-Large

Size 60 = Men’s XXXX-Large

Basketball Jerseys:

Original NBA Basketball jerseys have been produced by Sandknit, Starter, Puma, Nike, Reebok, Champion, and Adidas. Retro jerseys were produced by Mitchell and Ness. The sizing from brand to brand doesn’t always match up. Typically Starter, Nike, Sandknit, and Champion jerseys run smaller than Reebok and Adidas jerseys. Usually Youth Large and Extra large jerseys will fit men who wear a small or medium tank top.

Hockey Jerseys

Original NHL Hockey jerseys have been produced by Sandknit, CCM, Maska, Koho, Nike, Starter, Pro Joy, Reebok, Bauer, and a few others. Retro jerseys have been produced by Mitchell and Ness. Hockey jerseys tend to run larger than most jerseys, I would suggest sizing down from your normal size (If you wear a large in clothing, wear a medium hockey jersey) but again older jerseys from the early 80’s and 90’s will run a little smaller. Starter hockey jerseys also run smaller than CCM jerseys

Football Jerseys

Original NFL Football jerseys have been produced by Wilson, Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Sandknit, Russell, Champion, and a few others. Retro jerseys have been produced by Mitchell and Ness. Football jerseys tend to run more true to your normal size. Keep in mind sleeve length will change depending on the jersey year.

Baseball Jerseys

Original MLB Baseball jerseys have been produced by Majestic, Russell, Sand Knit, Wilson and a few others. Retro jerseys have been produced by Mitchell and Ness. Baseball jerseys also tend to run true to your original size.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about sizing,