Buy Sell Policy

Throwbacks Northwest is a buy/sell/trade based store specializing in vintage/retro and deadstock sportswear from the 1980s & 1990s. Our inventory comes mainly from the public, who bring us their gently used clothing from their own closets/collections, or who have gathered clothing to sell to us from their own sources. Our buyers then go through the sellers stock and pull out items we believe will sell through the store. Our selections are based on the basic premise of supply and demand.

We cater mainly to sports fans, urban/streetwear customers, and vintage collectors, and our buyers are trained to purchase items that will sell well and sell quickly. Selections are made based on current fashion trends, season, collectible value, and in-store stock. We make our buying decisions much as an individual would go about buying items for themselves. Those decisions are based on how much money we have to spend, how desirable and needed the item is, and how well similar items have sold. The buyers also make their decisions based on the condition of the items. Clothing brought to us must be clean and in good condition. After determining that we are interested in purchasing an item to sell in the store, the buyer will quote the price the item would be priced for. The payment for the clothing is based on this price. The seller has the option of receiving a cash value or store credit. Cash value is always less than credit.

Another option is consigning the item; however, consigning is reserved for more expensive or unusual items only. Once the price has been determined and the seller is in agreement, the seller is paid in cash or store credit right away unless the item has been consigned.

The buy/sell/trade process, or bartering is one of the oldest forms of commerce. It is a unique way of doing business involving both the buyer and the seller in the decision-making process. If you have vintage sportswear or collectibles you are not using, why not try to see if you can make some extra cash from it? You may be surprised at the value of some of these goods taking up space or collecting dust.

By appointment only, to schedule an appointment, please call (206) 402-4855 or email